"Movement isn't something we do. Movement is what we are." Emilie Conrad

Do you yearn to feel more fluid in your body? To come into your life's breath? To move with more grace, strength and confidence? To connect to yourself in a deeper way: to your ground, source and birthright?

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Welcome to Havenview Studio. Here, I am a movement guide and body-worker. It is my work to help people peel back the layers, to engage in their body’s capacity for more movement and feeling, leading, perhaps to a greater sense of personal joy, fulfillment and be-ing in the world.

Havenview provides an introspective space for those who would like directed attention and personal guidance. To get started, connect here or call and we can speak more intently about your specific needs and goals.

With the Pilates apparatus, props and tools as our platform, we will work together to find deeper connections, openness and our truest source of power.

From our centers, welcome to the unraveling,